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Chun-Li Sticker

Chun-Li Sticker

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Description: A 3x3” (inches) glossy, kiss cut sticker made from Vinyl featuring ‘Chun-Li’ from the SF Chibi Collections.

Post your favorite stickers anywhere from sketchbooks, phone cases, arcade sticks, computer tower, laptops, glass (including your car window!) or any other hard, flat surfaces.


  • “Premium high grade vinyl, plus a UV protection against the sun, snow, rain etc. Durable and outdoor ready.

Instructions: After you receive your sticker, carefully peel back the protective layer behind the sticker, and apply the adhesive firmly onto a flat surface.

*To remove the adhesive, carefully apply heat like a hair dryer to slowly remove the adhesive. Or use safe plastic blades designed specifically to remove stickers (or plastic cards) depending on the surface.